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SOC Driving School is committed to excellence. Boasting being in business for over 14 years in the same location, there is a reason behind our success. With DMV approved and highly trained instructors, many of whom have been with the company for many years, we pride ourselves with our training techniques and surely our clients notice it too; there's a reason they choose us over and over for their teenagers


SOC has been conveniently located less than a quarter mile from the DMV for over 14 years. We are family owned and bring our family values to business with us. We understand each family has different needs and no students are alike, so we make sure we tend to each student with the same care we would expect ourselves to be treated with.


With over 10 years of experience, we've encountered all sorts of situations, but none that we couldn't handle. Our instructors are highly flexible and accommodate to any schedule. Our online Driver's ed class is praised by many, so we urge you to check out a free preview by clicking on the link on the pricing page. And for a limited time, our Driver's Ed is FREE to all students when they sign up for behind the wheel training.

SOC Driving School

Feel Safe Behind the Wheel

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